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Getting frustrated with your artwork, cannot get the correct size for your coupon, deals or leaflet? As a customer of Bright Red Box, you can get the expertise of our graphics designers. Look out for 50% discount. Turnaround time is 3 to 5 days and your raw files provided. Speak to us about your website and mobile application needs too.

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What do I get?

We will use an image of the right size to create your thumbnail image and the larger deal page image. Your images will not distort and will fit nicely on mobile, tablet and laptop screens.

More Information About The Deal

You can provide the image so we carry out relevant graphical edits or we can create an appropriate graphics for you, check and get agreement before using on your deal page.
Don’t want to use on your deal page? We can design graphics such as logos, leaflets, online images for marketing, convert to vector file etc. As a customer of Bright Red Box, you will get this service under the same deal.

Where and What Time?

This can be done through email exchange. The usual turnaround time is 12 hours. However, we ask you give us at least 3 days to make sure we receive your order, receive images, design and upload to your deal page.

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