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 Let us know immediately so we can help with the issue. We can change password and content on your dashboard. Simply let us know.

Error message when trying to create a deal from your accounts page

The error message will ask you to create a Company in your Profile. To overcome this, you will have to make sure at the point of creating your account you select 'Register as a Company' - you can use the name of your product, service or offer as the company name (this will not be a legal company). See the image below:

Images are not appearing as expected on my deals page

The image dimensions are important to make sure your front image and the larger deals page image fit well. The smaller image is 400 x 470 pixels and the larger image is 1300 x 600 pixels.

If we can help you with this, please let us know. We can even source the images for you. We charge for this service. Look out for our deals of around 50% to 70% off.

Not able to see your deals after creating it in your account

Some deals that are created will need to be approved by us. This is usually an immediate action, but if not done within an hour, please contact us.