About us

About Us

Bright Red Box Ltd is a free online platform for local businesses to use 24/7 to promote their deals, coupons and offers very quickly. We started by giving customers a platform to share the precious gift of giving to friends and family. This vision is still seen in the way we conduct our business with our members. Upload your deals, tell friends and family and enjoy the experiences together.

How does it work?

For our customers Find your deals, offers or coupons and place an order as you would from any other website platform.

For our partners 1) Register to include your business (email address and a password required). 2) Let us design your promotional deals or you can upload your own design to your own deals page. 3) Wait for your happy customers (get statistical data if you have signed up for that).

Wait! How do you make money?

It is completely free for customers to purchase deals, coupons and offers. It is also completely free for our registered members to promote their deals, members can select the free package or a paid package. Members that want additional features due to their business needs can opt for the paid membership.

What about security?

We use the trusted payment gateway called PayPal for all transactions. No transactions are processed on our website.

The site is also protected using the internet security standard known as secure sockets layer (SSL). This is what gives the https in your web browser address box.

We will never ask for your log in credentials whether in person or on any digital communication.

What are your values?

We are all about: Secure data.
A place for simple and honest exchange - no spamming!
Clever ways to bring the market to small, medium and large enterprises - from start-ups to established. You can promote your deals, coupons and offers as much as you want.
To be able to nourish the local community.

I have an account question.

Is everything working OK for you?

 Easy! - if you are having any issues, let us sort it out for you. we can reset email, password and change content on your dashboard.