Makeup and Styling Tips You Wish Knew Earlier

Many customers ask me, how do I avoid panda eyes because of wearing contact lenses. I’ve worked on a few clients that have used their own tried and tested eyeliner that won’t embarrass them at that all important occasion.

Achieve the perfect cat eye, winged eyeliner, feline flick and even more looks. Easy at every angle, a 35 degree bendable wand allows for the most precise & easy to apply liquid liner looks.

You will be given lots of other tips from preparing your skin before applying makeup. This all important step would make sure dry patches are addressed before anything else. For example, we will let you know which moisturizer to use, where and how much to apply. This is a beauty tip we have used on many satisfied clients.

Great Pizza Restaurants That You Must Visit

When you have that hunger for dough, filled tomato and succulent toppings of your choosing, your immediate thoughts are those places you have been before, you won’t be let down by them, they have the OK-ish environment and the service is equally OK. How would you ruin a pizza? Right?

It is time you had a second thought. Many other pizza restaurants provide an even better OK-ish environment and provide a service reserved for some top rated restaurants in the UK. However, your most important reason for being there, we assume is that dough filled, yummy plate in front of you that might make or break a “pizza restaurant”.

Indeed “pizza restaurant” as not all pizza restaurants, like your typical high street ones will cater for your longing for pizza with a service. Nowadays, you have burger joints, kebabs and even fish and chips establishments that produce some of the best mouth-watering pizzas and the service and environment they do this from is OK, certainly for the money they are charging.

See for yourself, try them, share them and most importantly, compare them and you will quench that desire forever, well until your next dough graving in two weeks…

Modern Fashion Trends and How To Pull Them Off

Classic. Perfect for all seasons. If the temperature is soaring or its pouring down or if we are knee deep in snow, this fashion statement will always live up to its stamp of classic. No matter what, you can own this movement. Mixed with grunge (below), you can further show who you are and own the prints. Don a faux leather coat to jazz-up during the milder/colder months. Classic always works, it is your preference and your creativity, but more importantly, your comfort is what is achieved with this style.

Grunge. I hope you have not put them out. Grunge is back or is it just round the corner again. This highly expressive fashion movement with the relevant accessories is back in a big way. Worn with confidence and style, the summer months allow for bold patterns and colourful prints can bring out anyone’s personality. Wear some fairly decent stompers on your feet or even wear heals (if you are brave enough) and you’ll be ready for anything! This is who you are so mix things up and have fun!

Jumpsuits. Did you just say jumpsuits? Yes, in fact, boilersuits too. Indeed, reserved for the brave and allows for a pure statement of facts. You are ready to rock it! The range of opportunities is very pleasing for the one that wants it all. You can lazy it up or smarten it up – it is entirely up to you. You can rock up to any occasion, whether it is a restaurant with friends or a formal do for work. A range of accessories compliment this wardrobe. Don’t be shy, go and explore!