Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Bright Red Box Do What They Do?

Bright Red Box is a platform for simple and honest purchase of deals, offers and coupons. Occasionally, we would list freebies and competitions. We don’t collect details to spam! We want to make sure that local businesses get the nourishment of their local community.

For these reasons, businesses are invited to submit their deal free of charge, however, for extra services, we do charge.

Call us: 0800 771 0021
Email us:

How Do I Place an Order?

Just like any other ecommerce website, place items into your online basket and when you are ready, proceed to pay. No orders are processed on Bright Red Box. Orders are processed using PayPal or on trusted third party websites.

Do I Need An Account To Place An Order?

No. You only enter your details for purchase confirmation or if you want your machine to remember you when you return.

We are aiming to link with businesses (Members) whom are able to display their deals, offers and coupons on Bright Red Box’s website and platforms. Local residents will be able to search and buy direct or through our platforms. As per our privacy statement, some account information maybe held.

Do I Still Keep or Get Benefits And Royalties?

Yes, you keep earned benefits and maintain royalties gained from your associations with Affiliates and Members. All the Affiliate transactions take place on their website. You may need to activate the benefit or trigger royalty feature during your checkout with them. Some Members deals are processed on BRB’s website, but purchased through trusted payment gateway, benefits and royalties are not affected by your processes or transactions. In fact, through your association with BRB, you will increase the benefit and royalty of your associates to create more deals, offers and coupons.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

First class, next day, priority are available. Please see the product description or contact the affiliate or member directly for their pricing and availability. Alternatively, you can check with us either via email or a telephone call.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

It depends on the affiliate or member. Please check their terms of delivery.

How Do I Get My Freebie?

That is our mission. We want to share the precious gift of giving! Well, you need to have met the purchasing Conditions set out below.

As a registered BRB customer, after 31 days, email your purchase confirmation to our team using A member of BRB will arrange the next steps and your freebie will be arranged and in most cases be completed same day.


Why 31 days? This will be beyond the 30 days given by most Affiliates and Members for refunding. However, their delivery and refund Terms and Conditions applies.


Purchasing Conditions:

  1. You must be a registered user of Bright Red Box Ltd because we will need to know who you are and match you to your purchase. You can set up a free account by going to My Account.
  2. Only 1 product per transaction per hour can be the freebie. In addition to the freebie, you must purchase £50 or more in other products or services within the same transaction. We hope the hour will give us enough time to put the price right, but you will still get the product or service as a freebie and at that not discounted price.
  3. Not discounted products or services become a freebie after purchase is confirmed or delivered. After 31 days of the delivery date the freebie will be honoured subject to Affiliates and Members Terms and Conditions for refunds.
  4. Only Bright Red Box Ltd AND NOT its Affiliates or Members will honour the Freebie. All requests for freebies are to come to Bright Red Box Ltd via email Proof of purchase via email will be needed.
  5. Terms and Conditions applies.

I Want To Be A Business Member. How Can I Submit A Deal For Free?

  1. Register with us by clicking on the Account icon on the top right of the website.
  2. Follow the Submit A Deal on your accounts page.
  3. Complete the relevant details and submit the deal to us. If approval is needed, your deal will appear on the website within 24 hours.

I Am A Business Member. How Do I Get Support To Submit A Deal?

As a business member, you will sometimes have to submit your deals. If you have any issues with submitting your deal, please let us know and we can support you with this. As well as supporting with deal submissions, we can help with password and content on your dashboard. Simply let us know.

Support: 0800 771 0021

I Am A Business Member. How Can I See My Submitted Deal?

Some deals that are created will need to be approved by us. This is usually an immediate action, but if not done within an hour, please contact us.

How Should I Make Contact If I Have Any Queries?

0800 771 0021 (09:00 to 5:00)