About Us

This Information was last modified on 23rd February 2021

A Bit About Us

Bright Red Box is a free online platform where local businesses can promote their deals, offers and coupons 24/7 very quickly. Local business get the benefit of their service and products being purchased by local customers. Our gifts, vouchers and other products are delivered in our unique bright red presentation boxes

Essential Answers

How Does It Work?

For our customers

Find your deals, offers or coupons and place an order as you would from any other ecommerce website.

For our partners

1) Register to include your business (email address and a password required).
2) Design your promotional deals and submit to Bright Red Box.
3) Wait for your happy customers to purchase. When your deal expires, you can delete and add more.

Is It All Free? Yes

We welcome you, customers and clients. Together we will change the face of giving gifts and getting the best deals at the same time. We source the best deals and latest products and services on the Internet.

We bring this service to you for free. Whether we get a commission through our affiliate, we still aim to bring you the best service and cater for the local area.

You will find a range of deals and coupons from your local businesses too. How you share the deals you find on our website is up to you.

We are confident of bringing you discounted products and services all the time, so much so, you will not see any that are non-discounted on our website. If you see a product or service listed on “our” website, after you have placed an order, please let us know using our contact us form. T&Cs applies to all purchases and all agreements are between registered Bright Red Box users and honoured only by Bright Red Box Ltd.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

Wait! How Do You Make Money?

It is completely free for customers to purchase deals, offers and coupons. It is also completely free for our registered members to promote their deals. Members that want additional features due to their business needs can opt-in for the paid membership.

We also make money through commission affiliation. When you click away from our website and make a purchase we may earn commission on the transactions completed on that website.

What About Security?

No transactions are processed on our website.

The site is also protected using the Internet security standard known as secure sockets layer (SSL). This is what gives the HTTPS and the padlock icon in your web browser address box.

We will never ask for your log in credentials whether in person or on any digital communication.

If your log in credentials become known to anyone, you can change them on your personal accounts page or let us know to create a new one for you.

Is It True I Can Get A Product As A Freebie If Not Discounted?

Yes, this is true. We work very hard to provide discounted products and services, but occasionally, we may have some items get through our vast categories of products and services. Before we can put this right, if you purchase the product or service, you will be entitled to have it as a Freebie. There are a few conditions to be agreed:

1. You must be a registered user of Bright Red Box Ltd because we will need to know who you are and match you to your purchase. You can set up a free account by going to My Account.

2. Only 1 product per transaction per hour can be the freebie. In addition to the freebie, you must purchase £50 or more in other products or services within the same transaction. We hope the hour will give us enough time to put the price right, but you will still get the product or service as a freebie and at that not discounted price.

3. Not discounted products or services become a freebie after purchase is confirmed or delivered. After 31 days of the delivery date the freebie will be honoured subject to Affiliates and Members Terms and Conditions for refunds.

4. Only Bright Red Box Ltd NOT its Affiliates or Members will honour the freebie. All requests for freebies are to come to Bright Red Box Ltd via email info@brightredbox.co.uk. Proof of purchase via email will be needed.

5. Terms and Conditions applies.