Privacy Policy

Last updated 27/03/2021

Who we are

Bright Red Box Ltd, a company registered in England and wales (registration number 11191260), whose registered office is at suite 5, 15 – 17 Upper George Street, Connaught House, Luton LU1 2RD (“Bright Red Box Ltd”/”we”/”our”/”us”/”BRB”) provides Privacy Policy to our customers, clients, third party providers and our members.

Bright Red Box Ltd connects businesses and/or affiliates with potential customers who are seeking to purchase products, services, deals and offers. We do this by providing an online platform for the purchase of gifts, deals, offerings and/or coupons and submission of deals (our “services”). The online platform is available via the Bright Red Box Ltd website (and its sub-domains and other platforms) and as an application for mobile devices (together the “site”, “platform”).

We respect your privacy and everyone you share your details with whether you are a customer or a member. We are committed to make sure we are transparent on the data we collect and how we will use it to conduct our business either on our website, mobile applications or media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

You have rights under the Data Protection Act (DPA). We will follow the DPA. We will only use your data in accordance to the Act. Your data will only be used for the purpose it was collected. If your data changes, you are to let us know. This website is intended for adults and as such only data will be collected on them. Data will not be knowingly collected on children. Where we may process data from “user/s” from the EU and EEA, we will also follow responsible directives and legal framework on data communication. If we must use your data in any other way beyond what is stated here and, in our Terms, we will inform you and state the legal grounds for its usage.

Contacting us is clearly advertised and all correspondents will be appointed to the appointed receiver. They will be responsible for maintaining and updating this policy and can do so without notice and you will be notified via email as our customer.

External Links

Our service may involve navigating from our site to third party sites as per the nature of our business. As per the Terms of agreement, clicking on these links may allow them to collect data about you. We do not have authority on their business conducts and therefore are not responsible for their privacy policy. However, we expect all members and third parties to respect your data and we will endeavour to monitor all our members to continually adhere to standards. As stated, we would only agree to share your details with members when you have purchased directly from our “site” so that you can receive your service or products. Third party members may conduct direct marketing communications to you via email or other communication platforms and you will have the right to terminate unsubscribe marketing with them.

Type of data

The nature of our business may involve data collection, process and sharing where necessary with third parties. This might include first name, last name, gender, telephone number, mobile number. During order processing, your address for billing, delivery, email address. We store IP address to identify members to prevent and assist with security. We do not store your financial data, which is processed by payment gateways or on third party websites. You are to read their privacy policy before proceeding with any transactions. Where an order may be placed on our “site”, we may have to provide “members” with your details to be able to fulfil the order. Although we encrypt data on our website, we do not process financial transaction on our website. We may occasional activate tools to collect browser, platform(s), services provided by the device you have used to access our “site”. We use Google Analytics and other statistical analysis tools to conduct “learning” of your profile data and or usage data, this may include browsing patterns.

Types of collections

We will use current and advancing technologies to collect data we need to continue to provide you our service. We will not be limited to using cookies, service logs, general logs, website statistics , AI or such automated systems for learning. Your interaction with our “site” will allow us to collect data as mentioned above, to include and not limited to purchases, code redemptions, user account, sharing, joining, contact us page, newsletter requests, emailing us directly or responding to on screen pop-ups.

Promoting members products to our customers

To better provide you with the services intended by our platform, it is possible that we may use your data and information such as email and mobile number to express products or service of interest.

You may receive email marketing on latest promotions, events, freebies and/or competitions. In line with the regulations, you will have the option to always opt out of the marketing we send to you via email and/or other communication platforms. You should be able to see a link at the end of all communications giving you the option to opt out or you can log into your account and toggle your preferences for promotional communication.

Data Security

We are using web securities to make sure your communication between our “site” and with third party sites are secure. We utilise technologies to prevent accidental misuse or access to your data. As we cannot guarantee the security of all Internet communications, we do not accept responsibility for any security breaches that causes damages as a loss of confidentiality or failure to deliver data or information needed by you to process orders or your services. 


The use of cookies is governed by strict rules and legal framework. “This means that if you send electronic marketing or use cookies or similar technologies you must comply with both PECR and the UK GDPR.” – What are PECR –

By visiting this website or any other platform with your browser, you may, if your browser is set to receive cookies, given permission for us to collect cookies to provide our full service(s). For instance, cookies from Trustpilot are used on this site.

We use a range of cookies including strictly necessary cookies, which would allow easy access to our website by remembering your log in to your user area or shopping cart. This is only used for the intended purpose and it is only held by us.

We can greet you by name when you return to our website by using functional cookies. We may have this type of cookie to allow us to integrate social media platforms with your deals page.

We can see how users, visitors and members move around our “site” using analytical and experience testing cookies.

We can record your visits and links you have followed. We use the information to make the website services, deals and offers more relevant to you.