Terms and Conditions

This Information was last modified on 7th May 2021

Bright Red Box Ltd
Customer, Member and Affiliate Agreement

Terms and Conditions – Short Version

We are Bright Red Box Ltd, a registered UK company based in Luton, Bedfordshire. Our main goal is to provide a site where you can purchase deals, coupons and offers businesses have submitted or we are affiliated with. When you use this site, you are agreeing to our terms, but also the terms of the businesses you are buying from. We do our best to make sure everything works for you and the businesses, which we call Members, but we are not in control of their actions. We are very transparent and offer clear communication channels so that we do the best for you and the businesses. We will collect only necessary data so that we can provide this service and we will never give your data to any third parties. At any time, if you want to hear more from us, please let us know. See the Terms and Conditions – long version below.

Terms and Conditions – long version

General Information

This is an agreement between you, the Member, and Bright Red Box Ltd, a company registered in England and wales (registration number 11191260), whose registered office is at suite 5, 15 – 17 Upper George Street, Connaught House, Luton LU1 2RD (“Bright Red Box Ltd”/”we”/”our”/”us”/”BRB”/”site”).

Bright Red Box Ltd connects businesses and/or affiliates with potential customers who are seeking to purchase products, services, deals and offers. We do this by providing an online platform for the purchase of gifts, deals, offerings and/or coupons and submission of deals (our “services”). The online platform is available via the Bright Red Box Ltd website (and its sub-domains and other platforms) and as an application for mobile devices (together the “site”, “platform”).

As most of the selling will be from the businesses selling their services, you will treat their terms and conditions or service level agreement (SLA) as a contract with them. You will read their terms and SLA prior to purchasing their services, products and/or offerings. If you disagree with their terms and SLA, you are not to proceed with the purchase on this platform. In short, all sales services, products and/or offerings are purely between you and the seller (and not with Bright Red Box Ltd. Bright Red Box Ltd acts as a broker to facilitate contact of Members with customers. Bright Red Box Ltd may provide a way to organise bookings and payments for these arrangements. Bright Red Box Ltd may at times provide business services and will not be expressly stated, Bright Red Box Ltd may own or maintain services, products or offerings for this purpose. The contract for use of a service, product or offering is between the Member and the customer.

Our privacy statement is detailed and linked to our terms of purchase and how the site is used. Your data is collected and stored according to this privacy statement. We will usually communicate via email with you and where necessary, the telephone number (mobile or landline), we will call to discuss how the service we provide you can be better.

Our site and services is open to the public, however when accessing the site you are only permitted to do so via the provided means and not use tool(s) that would data mine or scarp data from the site. Bright Red Box Ltd, can prevent, suspend and where necessary investigate in good faith to prevent and suspend any account. All Bright Red Box Ltd html, images and codes is the sole property of Bright Red Box Ltd, Members and Affiliates. Where necessary, some immediate definitions are stated in this section:

Member: a business or entity that chooses to publish, on the site, theirs or a business/personal service or product. For example, a driving school or the individual driving instructor operating a driving school entity who becomes a Member to make their driving lesson services available to rent via the site.

Customer/User: a customer who requests and redeems a gift, deal, offer or coupon against a Member via the site. Any Member that posts (submits) or is an affiliate of the site.

Voucher: a gift voucher with a unique face value, selected by customer for purchase on the site. All vouchers have a unique pin used by a customer to redeem with a Member.

Face value: printed on the voucher is the cost paid in pounds (GBR) for the voucher linked to the pin.

Pin: a unique number on a voucher used to redeem with a Member.

Presentation box: gift vouchers are dispatched in Bright Red Box Ltd’s signature, uniquely designed Bright Red Box gift packaging.

Redeem/redemption/redeemed: the process used by customers to “cash in” the face value of their voucher against a chosen Member.

Member commission: an agreed commission payment to BRB from Members or affiliates.

Joining fee: the amount notified to you as part of the website joining process as a one-off fee payable.

Membership amount: the amount a Member agrees to pay for the full term of their membership.

Administration fee: our fees raised for changing accidental membership applications or arising out of any breach of the terms as set out in the Members area of our website.

BRB Deals: products or services provided by Bright Red Box or Members.

Bookings: the action taken by a customer or customers to arrange a mutually agreed date and time for their purchased deal, offer or coupon with a Member.

Conditional bookings: a customer can make a conditional booking through Bright Red Box before he or she has completed the purchase and redemption process.

Email: any email, electronic communication, online chats sent or received by Bright Red Box Ltd.

Registering with us and your account

A registered user will have a username and password. This can be generated by us or by you. Your may have access to your own account area depending on your package. On registration and if you have access to your own personal area, the access will be purely for the use of the provided service. You will, if you have access to your personal area, be able to change some of your profile details. As a service to you, we may be able to change “edit” your profile for you.

When you register you will need to provide us with the minimum details, your name and your email address. Other information, which can be collected e.g. Postcode will be part of your profile and can be changed by you or by us as a service.

You will have a username and password. As with such credentials, you are responsible to safe keeping. You are not to share your credentials with anyone. If your credentials become known to someone else, you are to inform us immediately. We are not held accountable for anyone that accesses your details on our site or subsequently use the service with your credentials.

Valid email address is required for access to our site and for purchases completed for services from our Members. We, Bright Red Box Ltd can suspend an account if it suspects invalid email address is being used.

Bright Red Box Ltd can send you verification, confirmation, reminders and other emails it deems necessary to complete its obligations of intermediary for its Members and customers.

Marketing and promotion is the foundation of Bright Red Box Ltd. We will continue to push notifications, promotional items and as per above conduct our business to meet both the needs of Members and customers. You can opt out.

User (Member and Affiliate) content

Users of the site write and will own what they say. You will have the opportunity to write and review in different parts of the site. However, content added by all users to the site is subject to Bright Red Box censorship and subsequent removal.

Content you post most not infringe other’s copyright or any legal ownership.

As per above, you will be liable for any infringement. Bright Red Box Ltd will not participate in any legal actions brought against you if in breach of any act or laws of the residing or international countries.

Bright Red Box does not have to use any content posted by you on any part of its site.

Bright Red Box will not be held accountable for edited or removed content that still appears on its site or anyway on the Internet or devices.

When posting (submitting) your deals page or writing a review, it is at your own risk personal details are posted or listed.

You may post erroneous details or Members and/or customers may post erroneous details. Affiliates, endeavour to not have erroneous details. Bright Red Box Ltd will not be accountable for loss of data, information, earnings or service due to these types of posts.

You grant Bright Red Box Ltd local and international full exclusive rights to use all content posted to your deals page or review pages of the site. You will not restrict Bright Red Box’s use of content on other platforms in any format it deems necessary. You will not be compensated.

Bright Red Box Ltd has rights to apply copyright to content. As per above, you grant full use of content without restrictions. Worldwide right and license, without compensation. You waiver any rights towards content under any legal theory.

Bright Red Box Ltd can suspend and permanently terminate your right to use the site if copyrights infringed. If any material, text, photographs or artwork, which you believe is infringement, you can let us know by emailing us (info@brightredbox.co.uk).

Bright Red Box content

We welcome your ideas and thoughts on our site and services. Both customers and Members have a platform to share their thoughts. We sometimes receive a lot of deals and ideas for promotion, however we may not be able to return to everyone. Bright Red Box Ltd will return to unsolicited ideas and thoughts at its discretion. All unsolicited ideas and thoughts will not be subjected to any financial or compensation to you.

The standards we operate under: Bright Red Box Ltd always tries its best at what it does and promises that: we will exercise reasonable care and skill in performing our obligations under this agreement. We are still bound by laws within our residing country. We will, in all our capacity, adhere to all legal entities and elements that form our country and will pursue to our advantage legal notorieties. We are never liable for, loss of income or revenue; loss of actual or anticipated profits; loss of business; or indirect or losses that are foreseeable, known, foreseen or otherwise.

About You

You will make every effort to make sure all information is accurate for us, customers and Members. Content on your deals page, reviews and email communications to us and Members will allow us to provide even better service. We provide the platform, site with good intentions. Any unlawful activities may lead to account suspension, termination and/or legal and policing authorities. If in ay compromising situation, you are to seize using this site and reporting to appropriate entities. Use the site as it is intended. No spamming, phishing or any other anti-cyber actions that would bring you, Members into disrupt.

Use of The Services and The Site

We are not liable for errors or omissions e.g. Listing a service as 1.00 GBR instead of 100 GBR. We will use reasonable endeavours to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable after being notified of them. We do not give any warranty that the services or the site are free from viruses or malicious elements. We will endeavour to keep the service “up”, however we will not be held accountable or liable of “down” times at any time or due to any situation. We reserve the right to close accounts if any customer or Member is violating our terms of use (i.e., this agreement) to keep the service operational.


If any action by you contravenes this agreement, we may suspend and/or permanently terminate your use and/or account. If we suspend the services or site, we may refuse to restore the services or site until we receive an assurance from you and it will be to our discretion. Bright Red Box Ltd shall fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing Bright Red Box Ltd to disclose the identity or locate anyone in breach of this agreement.

Data Protection

Please see our privacy statement and cookies policy which form part of this agreement.


Any advertisements may be delivered on our behalf by a third party advertising company, Member, which may use cookies.

Other Sites

Sometimes our service may link to other third party sites. They may collect cookies or run their business with terms you will need to follow. We take care to make sure all sites are within our business terms and conditions, however we have no control over, do not accept and we assume no responsibility for other sites or for the content or products of other sites (including relating to social networking sites such as Facebook).

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights (including all copyright, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, social media identifiers, designs, whether registered or unregistered) in the site and services and all subsequent property rights you will not have rights to and shall not attempt to have rights to them. All rights are reserved. None of the property is to be reproduced or modified. Where we may have services and/or products, they are not to be copied or modified. All third party’s intellectual property rights belong to them and are governed by their terms and conditions. Any breach will result in civil and penalties imposed.

Third party –  General Information

You may buy a reservation service or product on our site. You may find that you have to honour other conditions to use or fully redeem your purchase. Of course, this would mean you have a direct contract with them and not us or associated parties.

The terms with Bright Red Box will start when you access and proceed with any purchase from our site and will be associated with the other terms in this agreement or you submit deal or purchase any of our products or service including the yearly membership.

Some purchases might be age specific. For example, a driving lesson or clay pigeon shooting. It is your responsibility to make sure the purchase and or gift you give is meeting the age restrictions both law in the UK or country you are purchasing from and meets the terms of the seller.

You will keep your email confirmation and other communications from Bright Red Box or Members, Member or seller as proof of purchase. We won’t be liable for any non-deliverables by Members, Member or seller.

As a valued customer, you will adhere to our terms of this agreement and with due care only provide accurate data to process your order. Any errors or false data may be treated as an unlawful action.

We hope all goes well with your purchases. We can step in to support if needed, however we are not deemed necessary to do so under any of the terms in this agreement or liable for outcomes.